This is the site for the sobyk Tcl distribution.

Sobyk is an open source effort to provide access to the Tcl programming language and its better maintained extensions. Sobyk implements many features that are not a good fit for the Tcl core itself, but which a community that uses tcl desperately requires. It also acts as a village square for Tcl extension developers to keep us up to date on their activities.

Sobyk is an independant project, generously supported by Test & Evaluation solutions who has allowed their lead developer, Sean Woods, take work time to develop this project.

And while Sobyk operates at an arm's length from the Tcl Core Team (TCT), many contributors to the project are in fact either on the core team, or work closely with them.

What is Sobyk?

Sobyk is maintained as a fossil repository at

Binary builds of Sobyk and its associated wishkit are available at

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