I would like to take some credit for the name Sobyk being some kind of in joke, or clever backronym, or subtle nod to mythology. But I can't. I used one of those services that can generate random names for role playing game characters, and just kept hitting refresh until I saw something that spoke to me. I then did a quick web search to make sure it wasn't either a medication or a rude term for something.

I went with a random string because what normally happens on the Tcler chat is someone, usually me, will have an idea for a project and we'll spend hours (or days) obsessing of what the name should be. And I'll normally get derailed. Or heaven forbid we actually start coding with a name that makes perfect sense in the beginning, only to realize the name was either super-generic (and indistinguishable from a computer science term) or so cute that is doesn't describe a thing about the project when it's done.

If we don't like it, at least we have half a chance of catching all of the references in a global search and replace.

Humans being humans, people have come up with some clever things Sobyk COULD be an acronym for. My favorite is Richard Suchenwi's suggestion of StandalOne BinarY Kit. So if anyone asks, we'll go with that. Another one I thought of is Sean's Object-Oriented Build Your-own Kit.

As it happens, Sobyk also sounds a lot like the Egyptian god Sobek. Sobek sounds like a pretty cool character, actually. Just be shocked if a crocodile becomes the official mascot for the project. According to wikipedia, Sobek looks a bit like this: