Sobyk will provide the following:
  1. Use Tcl to Build Tcl's own extensions.
  2. Provide an easy means to build, maintain, and keep up to date public mirrors
  3. Provide source code for extensions that are already tailored to the build environment of Sobyk
  4. Introduce a new extension architecture that will make authoring and distributing packages saner. Saner for the author. And saner for the users.
  5. Defaults to easy and terse notation, but still allows advanced users to perform rocket surgery.
  6. Allow developers of custom applications (like my employers at T & E Solutions) to integrate their own code (in both Tcl and C) and make their own distinct products.
  7. Build a standard library of Tcl tools that starts with the features of Tcl 8.6.8 and avoids replicating old code patterns, workarounds, and alternate &qoute;Cool Ideas" that existed before TclOO and Coroutines were standard features in the core. (Though I will say I have a soft space in my heart for Snit, so it gets to stay.)
  8. Include ZipFs Support, back-ported to 8.6.
  9. Provide tools to allow Sobyk to operate as a proper operating system shell. Including process management tools for child processes
  10. Provide platform specific hooks to exercise features a user would commonly want to access